Tea experiment failures: tea drinking can go so wrong

Note to self: The appearance of this blog will be changed. All I’ve ever done is choosing a theme and that’s it. I’ve been meaning to design here and there a little bit to make it fit my taste, but well, “lazy” is always an excuse.



I feel like this most of the time. Yah.

Yet if I don’t start with something somewhere, things will never pick up. So here it is, my first entry ~ I intend to document my friends’ and my tea journeys, so someday, we’ll have something to look back and see how far we’ve come.

Aesthetics of the blog comes later.

Here comes the rambling about the mistakes I (or we) have made. Either by accident or out of curiosity, we’ve made our tea turn so bad.

1) Over-steeped teas

It is not a sin nor a taboo to over-steep, i.e. leaving the tea in the water for longer than the recommended time. There are people who like really strong and bitter taste, so they leave the leaves in the water for as long as they want. That was definitely not the case for me, and at that time, I didn’t know anything about brewing tea. And I blamed the tea for being of low quality. (Sorry!)


When was it, I wonder…

Probably 6 years ago? It was my first try of Assam tea (Lipton’s Solid Assam – I can’t find it in the market anymore). I left the tea bag until the tea became lukewarm. It felt like someone scratching your throat when you swallow the tea, and the taste was very bitter.

The second time was with Lipton Green Tea. It turned sour.

The third time was with Oud Night. Don’t bother diluting the tea. His Majesty the Tea is not the kind that can be saved by adding more water. It was way too bitter that I shuddered as the very first sip.

2) Iced Darjeeling


I wasn’t sure that this applies to all Darjeeling teas, or just a particular brand, Twinnings, if I’m not wrong. Sometimes, we put ice in the tea to see how it will taste like. That specific tea has made a strong statement to make sure that we would never put ice in it again.



For illustration purpose only. It’s not my hand and not Darjeeling.

Floral notes turned into a pungent scent, too much if your nose is sensitive. The taste was bitter in a weird way.

3) Iced Magic Flute

It was salty.